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Click on the links below to access recommended resources from the CHI Lab.

Vaping Prevention Resource
A non-commercial, educational resource that provides practitioners, researchers and communities with vaping prevention media content, as well as strategies and resources for youth vaping prevention. The website features a media gallery of free, open-access vaping prevention materials that you can download and use.

Campaign for Tobacco Free Kids – Warning Labels
Pictorial health warning labels used for cigarettes and other tobacco products from around the world.

Centers for Disease Control (CDC) – Media Campaign Resource Center
Print, web, social media, radio, and video tobacco education ads created by local, state, and federal governmental and non-governmental organizations.

Counter Tobacco – Media Gallery
Images and videos depicting tobacco products and advertisements at the point of sale. Maps, infographics, point of sale videos, and print campaigns are also included.

Food and Drug Administration (FDA) – Center for Tobacco Products Exchange Lab
Print, web, and social media content that communicates about the dangers of tobacco use.

Rutgers University – Trinkets and Trash
Tobacco industry marketing materials and tactics and serves as a surveillance system for pro-tobacco marketing and promotions. It also contains some anti-tobacco content.

Stanford University – Research into Impact of Tobacco Advertising
Advertisements and products from the tobacco industry. Also contains some anti-tobacco advertising.

UCSF – Smoke-Free Movies
Films and their depictions of tobacco use. It also archives anti-tobacco ads designed for movie developers.

University of Waterloo – Tobacco Labeling Resource Center
Images of tobacco product packaging and health warning labels for cigarette packaging from around the world.

World Health Organization (WHO) – FCTC Health Warnings Database
Pictorial health warnings and messages for tobacco product packaging from around the world.

For more information on these tobacco control media archives, see: